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What’s The Difference Between A Good And A Fantastic Massage Therapist?

If you’ve decided that now is the time to make a real commitment to your wellbeing, and you’re thinking of including regular massage in your schedule, congratulations! You’ve made a real great decision.

With so many massage centers and therapists to choose from, how will you know if you’re booking in with a great therapist or just a mediocre one? Here are a few tips on choosing the very best therapist for you.

1. A fantastic massage therapist will go out of her way to make you feel relaxed and welcome when you attend for your first massage. She will ask you lots of questions and let you ask any questions that you need to, making sure that you’re put at ease right from the start.

2. Fantastic therapists maintain their energy throughout the day. It takes a strong person with great stamina to give many treatments in a row, and if you’re lucky enough to find a fantastic massage therapist, you’ll be able to trust that even if you book the very last appointment of the day, the pressure will be as strong as it needs to be and she’ll be as enthusiastic as she was when she started work.

3. Fantastic therapists know when to chat and when you just need some peace and quiet. A top quality therapist is experienced or well-trained enough to be able to spot the client who is shy and not interested in talking through a treatment, and can also accommodate the talkative client who might also be nervous but deals with their nerves by talking a lot. In that case, they might try to calm the talkative client down so that they enjoy their massage a little more!

4. Fantastic therapists always offer you a glass or bottle of water after a massage. No exceptions. While some massage therapists will advise you to go home and drink lots of water, if a therapist is really excellent she will already have a glass or bottle of water on hand for after your massage.

5. Fantastic massage therapists know all about great customer service. You’ll be treated like the important person you are when you work with a fantastic therapist. You’ll feel that your time and needs are respected and you’ll never feel as if you’re an inconvenience. There are always times when a therapist might run over, have to cancel or there could be another issue. The mark of a great therapist is how she deals with this; if she apologizes, doesn’t try to shift responsibility and sorts out any problems with good grace, you’ve got a good one. If she blames other staff, won’t accept any responsibility and doesn’t give you confidence in her ability to deal with any issues you raise, it could be time to find a new therapist.

If your massage therapist is awesome, comment below what makes them so good…

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