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Save yourself from back pain!

How many people suffer from back pain? Plenty, and I'm pretty sure you might be one of them. Back pain can range from slight discomfort to OMG I can't move! There can be many factors as to why back pain happens; you moved in a weird way, have a back condition such as bulging disc, slept in a funny position, over did it on the weekend., sciatic nerve acting up. Any of these sound familiar?

I can help! By using massage and essential oils, I can alleviate pain, stiffness and relax those areas causing you grief. I also provide a stretching routine to help back pain from reoccurring and it's easy to do!

Product Spotlight! Deep Blue Stick

Easy to use and carry with you! Click on the link to order yours!

Here is my availability for the month of August! Call or text 403-862-0715 or if you wish to book online

Book your appointment and give your back a break!

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